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Goal Zero Australia

Goal Zero are the industry leaders in mobile solar equipment for adventurers. An absolutely inspiring company - some amazing projects with big impact in developing countries and disaster areas, as well as a ravenous appetite for continual improvement of their equipment based on the feedback you and I give them. I am fully behind this company and endorse their quality and their people - a brand that truely stands behind their gear!


Icebreaker - New Zealand Merino

Having the right equipment is key. Since 2009 Icebreaker has supported my trips and expeditions with the most vital pieces of gear for temperature regulation and fatigue management. Icebreaker Merino is performance at its finest (+ sex appeal!). I am proud to support the brand and wouldn't go back after wearing merino. When in the mountains, I use only Marino Wool as a base layer. Knowing I am prepared is a good feeling when pushing your limits in remote places. Huge thanks to Icebreaker for their continual support! Love it!


Lander - Badass Phone Cases and Bags

Lander makes phone cases and bags that have the quality and practical badassery of the future! Their phone cases are awesome and support rugged adventure as well as urban lifestyles. The bags also span your lifes activities and follow you with futuristic functionality and quality! Body Guradz in the USA also make screen protectors and are owned by the same parent brand.

GTS! "Get The Shot" - Rock on!




GoPro - Be A HERO

Don't think these guys and gals need much of an introduction. Industry standard for POV and adventure travel cameras. Easy to use and indestructible when you need to get the shot - bridging the gap between professional film and leisure. Both! I have the first GoPro camera commercially sold - runs on AAA batteries, and I've continuously used and abused these cameras since 2004 owning multiple cameras of each release. GoPro has been an important part of almost every one of my adventures for more than a decade and have been ongoingly supported by them in one way or another since 2009. 


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Cloud 9 Paragliders.com

Cloud 9 Toys is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Sarah, Steve, Justin, and the whole Cloud 9 Family are amazing to work with and have sold me paragliders, speedings, and accessories for flying over the years. Shout out! Cheers!



Based out of Portland, OR, USA. Morsel takes outdoor industry utensils and cutlery seriously! Fun to work with a young duo and their journey taking the brand to new heights - Way to go!


More Sponsors for 2020...

With a number of expeditions and projects in the works, opportunities for some more sponsorship to be provided in the way of airfare and trip expenses is being offered. Get in touch!