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This is a place where Josh and Alex share some of our inspirations passions and projects. This will also be a place where we will share some pioneering trip reports from others as well. 

Photos stories videos - taking you out into the wild and up into the skies!

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Joshua G.

Hi, I’m Josh! I am a 5 generation Coloradian living in Brisbane Australia. I own and run an aviation business ( and I fly most things that fly. I have a ravenous appetite for mountains, adventure, and encouraging others to get out and follow their dreams / pursue their own adventure! I spend my year combining my passions - Climbing, Paragliding, BASE Jumping, Speedflying, Hiking, Running, and flying as a commercial fixed-wing pilot. This usually involves crossing and combining my disciplines in some of the most beautiful places in the world! I typically split my time between Australia, Europe, and the USA, with a few smaller trips scattered in between. This year I am really looking forward to getting back into the mountains full time for a season and following my passion of climbing and human flight. Read Full Bio Here


Alex Mougenot

Hi, I'm Alex! Clipping bolts or plugging gear; delicate slabs or thrutchy offwidths; onsighting or redpointing; long multi-day trad-ventures or single-pitch cragging; cliffs, boulders, buildings or trees: I simply loves climbing things. I especially have a heart for new routing and adventures where the outcome is unknown, but you dig deep and embrace it! I am an all-round climber and ambitious with my training goals. I currently live in Brisbane - wherein I started climbing in 2013. I work at Awesome Woodys creating climbing training tools and walls. 

I am looking forward to exploring more of the worlds climbs and exploring new possibilities, and consider Australian climbing and adventure styles to be the perfect places to train and prepare.

Read Full Bio Here


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