Publications and Projects


Looking For Exits - Film

Looking For Exits, by Clare Popkin (Emmy award-winning cinimatographer know for fils such as Freesolo and Looking For Exits)

Moab Films and Documentaries

Filming and jumpig in many comercial and non-comercial projects in Moab Utah, Joshua has worked on TV shows and personal films as both crew and talent.

Bris 31 - Brisbane Health - with Dr Eric Brymer

Working with fear psychologist  Dr Eric Brymer, over the course of a 3-part show, Joshua and Eric discuss our societies misconceptions of risk and risk takers - and how our relationship with fear and with the notion of risk effects our health, mental health, happiness, and quality of life.

Common Climber - Sendfest 8 - 2020

Goal Zero - KL Tower International BASE Jump

Small articles and a headline photos over 3 years performing with coverage and small publications as far away as Austrian newspapers.