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Joshua G.


based out of Brisbane Australia, Joshua is a multi-skilled outdoors enthusiast with a passion for adventure and flight. Raised in the high-country of the Rocky Mountains above the town of Boulder Colorado, USA, Joshua has a great appreciation for the mountains, rivers, environment and our co-existence with nature and the elements. 

From a young age, Joshua engaged professionally and recreationally in a range of outdoor and flight-related pursuits - learning to fly light aircraft, high-performance wing-suits and paragliders in the mountains, he also developed rock climbing and hiking/mountaineering skills and considers them as base skills for any adventurer. 

Having worked as a skydiving instructor, professional international BASE Jumping athlete, and pioneering speedflying in SE Qld Australia, Joshua has co-written ‘Speedflying Reference Guide’ (author Tim James), appeared in international adventure films, and has worked and performed with some of the world's leading professional adventure athletes/photographers.   

What lies beyond...

"Adventure takes me around the globe and beckons from some of the most wild and beautiful places – and it calls each of us I think, to explore and push ourselves, each in our own ways, to find that thing, whatever it is that we are all looking for out there. And it’s that pioneering spirit that defines adventure, I think, that makes us human! - but seriously - “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!” they say. And yeah! Be fearless! Get out there! Go find it!"

-Joshua G.

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Expression Ties us All Together

...the common thread of humanity

Perhaps the thing that ties us all together is expression, both the young and the old, people from different walks of life, sharing a concept or a feeling. Music, art, ideas...or for me, FLIGHT! Perhaps this is the thread that helps connect us, maybe even cross boundaries and borders and forge new directions in society. Each of us owe it to the world to be the most true and full expression of outselves that we can be, and to each share our "art" with the world..

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Experience / Qualifications

Fixed-Wing Pilot

Joshua is a commercially rated Multi-engine command instrument rated pilot with well over a decade of flying. Licensed in multiple countries, his commercial experience spans bush flying in the Australian Outback, many years of commercial charter, and Mountain flying in the USA.


Joshua has been climbing and adventuring in the mountains continually from a young age with his parents - getting his first harness at age 4, and his first rope and TRAD rack at age 12. Joshua has extensive experience in most all types of climbing, enjoying long alpine mixed climbing routes as his most rewarding way to spend time in the mountains.

BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping for over 11 years, Joshua has 500+ BASE Jumps from over 100 different objects on 5 continents. Joshua has performed at multiple international events and demonstrations jumps since 2009 and performed on television, and has filmed professionally around the world.


Joshua first started skydiving in 2004 in Lodi California and currently has close to 1000 skydives. Joshua focuses primarily on wingsuiting and freeflying and has done multiple professional Demonstration Skydives around the world.


Joshua has owned and founded multiple businesses since 2004. Most recently in 2012, founding Sky Dance Pty Ltd and associated companies in Brisbane Australia. Joshua Started Sky Dance with the vision of sharing his passion for flight, flying to some of the most beautiful places and communities in Australia. See more at www.SkyDance.com.au

Wingsuit Flying

Joshua has flown wingsuits since 2005 with over 450+ wingsuit flights to date on high-performance wingsuits (Phoenix Fly Vampire 4 +  Squirrel Colugo). Flying wingsuits has been a big motivation from a young age.

Paragliding and Speedflying

Joshua has been continually flying and progressing flying paragliders and speedwings since 2007. With over a decade of flying in the mountains on cross country paragliders and many types of speedwings, Joshua is said to have pioneered speedflying in Southeast Queensland Australia during the years 2008-2012, and has co-written the Speedflying Reference Guide (Author Tim James). Joshua's main focus with paragliding is Vol-Biv mountain flying - using a wing to fly when the conditions are favourable, spending multiple nights in the mountains and covering large distances. Joshua  sometimes uses a very lightweight wing when he climbs to navigate over glaciers, cross valleys, thermal up mountains, and descend quickly after a climb. This technique is something he has used to accomplished many firsts while flying around Southeast Queensland, Switzerland, and the USA.

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